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I strive to offer fast, affordable, & reliable Website Design services for businesses of ALL sizes. I am ALWAYS learning new tips and tricks and applying them to better serve YOU!


A little about me...

I've been designing and maintaining web projects of all shapes and sizes for several years now. What began as a hobby turned into a business that I love. I manage websites for friends, family, and complete strangers. I consistently see folks pay FAR too much for the creation of their website, only to turn around and pay even more for confusing hosting plans. I keep it straightforward and simple, the way your business ought to be.

USA Computer began in 2016 as an IT Consulting company. We performed computer repair, service, sales, and consultations out of our humble Coeur d'Alene office for about 5 years. In January of 2021, I enlisted in the United States Air Force and took the next step in my life. At that point, USA Computer had to come to a close. I didn't want to leave it all behind, so I decided to continue the Web portion of the business. While I'm no longer available 24/7, that has only pushed me to further ensure that all of my sites operate as smoothly as possible. Less downtime is good for the customer, as well as myself!

I'm also proud to offer steep discounts to Non-Profit (or similar) organizations on a case-by-case basis. Please head over to my Non Profit page for more information.

It's rare to come across a business that uses "I" instead of "we". I feel it's a more personal experience for my clients. Hopefully you feel the same way! I look forward to chatting with you about your website needs. Please feel free to reach out.

- Bayley

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