Each ticket is valid for one (1) entry into Debbie Dolittle’s Indoor Petting Zoo for a 2 hour period starting at your chosen booking time.

Event Dates are July 1st through the 15th. No other dates are available for booking at this time.

Zoo operates as normal but we will have a friendly giraffe visiting us for everyone to see and hang out with.

This little giraffe was born February of this year. At birth, it was quickly discovered that he was sick causing his mother to neglect him as she couldn’t care for his needs.

The zoo requested their veterinarian visit the baby giraffe for blood work and testing in order to find the cause of his illness.  They found the baby giraffe had an infection that needed to be attended to immediately. He spent 30 days under veterinary care amounting to $25, 000 in costs.

Since then, he has been placed on a special diet consisting of bottle feeding, special grains, and hay. He has came a long way since February and is currently in great health.

So, why is he with us?

The following APRIL, the zoo he called home was struck by a tornado.

This destroyed animal areas, pens, and buildings. Thankfully, no animals or people were injured but extensive damage was done to the property. As so much was destroyed, reconstruction needs to take place.  

We offered to take in and care for this little guy while they repair their zoo and build a new Giraffe barn. Sometime in September he will go back to the 100 acre park, to his forever home.

To prevent double bookings, you must add the booking slots one at a time. Please be sure you book enough slots for your party before you Checkout and pay.

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